Transformational Leadership

Chaya has well over 30 years of financial-planning experience, 30 years in ministry leadership and 20 years of international missions work that includes school, businesses, church leadership and outstanding the five step process of

1. Assessment

2. Envision

3. Plan

4. Execute the plan

5.Monitor progress and results

Transforming Your Thinking to a New Normal That Glorifies God and Advances His Kingdom

Creating a new normal based upon addressing short term challenges with long-term solutions  that address the present and future challenges.


The first step in metanoia us to understand what you need to change and what you need to change to.

The second step to changing the way you think is to determine what is the best direction and advice that you are committed to,

The third step is to gather one or more individuals who can help you make the change

The fourth step is to look at looking beyond what everyone thinks you should do,

Gospel Grit is "owning your mission and conditions in life" to fulfill God's sovereign plan for your ife.

chaya Transformational Thinking- Getting Beyond Yourself and becoming a New Creation with Christ Lord & Savior of your life

Chaya is a group of Christian ministry and business professionals, led by founder Jake Chaya.

We're a group of domestic and global missionaries, ministry leaders, church leaders, seminary students, entrepreneurs,  trainers, disciplers, thought leaders, innovators and "Blue Ocean Strategists."

Here at Chaya we understand that life can be planned but inevitably there will be disruptions where your Plan A is not guaranteed and crises arise in health, financial, spiritual, relational, emotional and mental crises.

But, rest assured that in our hands we've helped individuals, families and organizations with all types of backgrounds successfully and happily adapt to a new normal. 

About Us

Gospel Grit Experience


One More Mission in Life, Regardless of My Condition

Do You truly want to Change?

Godly Grit is the term referred to meaning firmness of character, dedication to excellence and a willingness to be teachable to adjust to the new normal. Grit is having a bulldog attitude. 

We see it with Noah, Abraham and Sarah, King David,  Paul, and Jesus Christ. The prodigal son shows us repentance, a new normal and a long term transformed thinking approach that was originally a short term desire.